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About Ganga Solar
You will recover your money
The Savings you'll make on your power bills from the sun's free energy, means that you will recover the cost of your initial investment in a few short years. So your GANGA SOLAR SYSTEM not only pays for itself but it provides you with genuine saving year after tear. The continuous flow of solar energy unaffected by power cuts it's 100% safe and 0% maintenance. Sun is the only energy source which still continues to operate without ny sign of decline. You won't get that with an ordinary gas or electric system.

Environmentally friendly
Your new GANGA SOLAR SYSTEM WILL NOT ONLY SAVE YOUR MONEY, BUT you'll be playing your part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Would be a cleaner place.

Get 24 hours hot water
The superior construction of the GANGA SOLAR SYSTEM along with its 2 year warranty, gives you the peace of mind that your new GANGA SOLAR is built to last and will be supplying you piping hot water for many years to come Not only that, but with the standard electric or optional gas giser, you'll have hot water even on the cloudiest days. Backed by GANGA'S expert service team, you're on a winner with a GANGA.

Following requirement must be satisfied
  • Maximum sunlight needed for the whole day.
  • Solar system installed in south side only.
  • Enough space required for installation and service.
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